FS2Crew: Wilco-Feelthere Airbus Special Edition

FS2Crew: Wilco-Feelthere Airbus Special Edition 1.1

Make your Wilco feelThere Airbus come alive with this multi-crew expansion pack
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Make your Wilco feelThere Airbus come alive with this exciting multi-crew expansion pack from FS2Crew. Fly your Airbus just like real Airbus pilots.
Functions with all available models from the Wilco feelThere Airbus series Volume 1 and 2.
Real Airbus SOPs and checklists in a multi-crew environment!
You are the Captain and Pilot Flying (PF). The FO will perform his flows and make calls just like he would in real life. He'll even fill out a very realistic Takeoff Data Card and hand it to you!
The most realistic Airbus experience ever! A must have for serious Airbus pilots!
Designed in close consultation with a real-world Airbus pilot to ensure maximum fidelity to actual Airbus procedures.
Interact with your First Officer, the FA and the ground crew including Company ops.
Experience FS2Crew's brand-new (and very user friendly) graphical user interface system.
Tackle new situations: Air Rage, Bird Strikes and even Passengers smoking in the Lavatory!
Voices recorded by real-world flight and cabin crew.

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